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  • Available in over 1000 different part designs covering:
  • Foreign - even non-U.S.A. engine applications!
  • Domestic - U.S.A. engine applications!
  • High-Performance Domestic - U.S.A. engine applications!
  • Exotic automobile engine applications!
  • Motorcycle engine applications - our latest product line!
  • Heavy Duty
  • Numerous oversize outside diameters are available for almost any repair situation.
  • Special valve guides can be manufactured to your specs.
Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides are your best buy because:
Our valve guides are manufactured completely in the United States of America from the finest material available.
Our bronze material exceeds all original equipment specifications and is at least more durable than any currently competing U.S.A. produced bronze valve
Our bronze alloy utilizes hard filament shaped wear particles, evenly distributed throughout the material, and aligned along the length of the finished valve guide. This type of metallurgical structure is compatible with all modern valve stem materials.

Our bronze alloy has the highest heat transfer rate of any bronze valve guide alloy:
More than 200% of nickel-aluminum bronze.
More than 200% of aluminum-silicon bronze.
Exceeds phosphor bronze alloys with 88% copper!

Inside diameter bore size and concentricity of inside diameter bore to outside diameter area dimensions are held to the closest tolerances in the industry.

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